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    2014.10.23 | CREATES

    Timo Teräsvirta receives the honor of IIF Fellow 2014

    The IIF Board of Directors honors distinguished forecasters each year at the International Symposium on Forecasting

    2014.10.23 | CREATES

    Research Award to Anders Rahbek and Martin Møller Andreasen

    Anders Rahbek receives DKK 500,000 as an established researcher in the financial area, and Martin Møller Andreasen receives DKK 100,000 as an emerging young researcher in the financial area.


    9 October - 23 November
    Markku Lanne, University of Helsinki and CREATES
    Visiting Professor

    3-4 November
    Michel van der Wel, Erasmus University Rotterdam and CREATES
    Associate Professor

    6 November
    Siegfried Hörmann, Université libre de Bruxelles
    Chargé de cours


    • 2014-35: Bootstrapping integrated covariance matrix estimators in noisy jump-diffusion models with non-synchronous trading by Ulrich Hounyo
    • 2014-36: Asymptotically Honest Confidence Regions for High Dimensional by Mehmet Caner and Anders Bredahl Kock
    • 2014-37: Forecasting Medium and Large Datasets with Vector Autoregressive Moving Average (VARMA) by Gustavo Fruet Dias and George Kapetanios
    • 2014-38Times Series: Cointegration by Søren Johansen
    • 2014-39Outlier detection algorithms for least squares time series regression by Søren Johansen and Bent Nielsen
    • 2014-40Optimal hedging with the cointegrated vector autoregressive model by Søren Johansen and Lukasz Gatarek

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