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    2014.06.25 | CREATES

    Award to Martin Møller Andreasen

    At BSS’ annual Faculty Celebration, which took place in the Main Hall at AU on Friday, Martin Møller Andreasen was presented with the 2014 BSS Research Award. He is one of two researchers to win the award this year. The award comes with a cash prize of DKK 50,000, which is earmarked for his further research.

    2014.06.16 | CREATES

    8th Annual SoFiE Conference hosted by CREATES

    We are happy to announce that the 8th Annual SoFiE Conference is going to be hosted by CREATES. The conference will take place 24-26 June 2015. A new feature in the annual conference is that there is going to be a pre-conference for doctoral students.


    7 July-5 August
    Michael Jansson, UC Berkeley and CREATES

    11 July-27 August
    Bradley Paye, University of Georgia
    Assistant Professor

    11 August-30 September
    Rickard Sandberg, Stockholm School of Economics
    Associate Professor


    • 2014-18: Extreme negative coexceedances in South Eastern European stock markets by Dragan Tevdovski
    • 2014-19: Discriminating between fractional integration and spurious long memory by Niels Haldrup and Robinson Kruse
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