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    Symposium on Recent Developments on the Links between Financial Markets and the Real Economy
    Aarhus University
    4-5 June 2014
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    2014.03.31 | CREATES

    Welcome to Bezirgen Veliyev

    Tuesday 1 April we are happy to welcome postdoc Bezirgen Veliyev at CREATES. He comes from postdoctoral positions from Heidelberg University. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from University of Vienna, Austria, July 2012. Bezirgen Velieyev's research interests lie within financial econometrics, mathematical finance, and stochastic analysis. He is…

    2014.02.28 | CREATES

    Welcome to postdoc Ulrich Hounyo

    Monday 3 March we are happy to welcome postdoc Ulrich Hounyo at CREATES. He is jointly affiliated with Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance (University of Oxford). He received his PhD from University of Montreal, in 2013.  He has been a visiting student at Toulouse School of Economics in the summer 2010 and he conducted collaborative work…


    13 April-10 May
    Jeffrey Racine, McMaster University and CREATES
    Visiting Professor

    13-17 April
    Dennis Kristensen, University College London and CREATES
    Reader, PhD

    22-25 April
    Siem Jan Koopman, VU University Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute and CREATES
    Visiting Professor

    21-25 April
    Frank Kleibergen, Brown University


    • 2014-11: Testing Constancy of the Error Covariance Matrix in Vector Models against Parametric Alternatives using a Spectral Decomposition by Yukai Yang
    • 2014-12: Forecasting with the Standardized Self-Perturbed Kalman Filter by Stefano Grassi, Nima Nonejad and Paolo Santucci de Magistris
    • 2014-13: Macro-Finance Determinants of the Long-Run Stock-Bond Correlation: The DCC-MIDAS Specification by Hossein Asgharian, Charlotte Christiansen and Ai Jun Hou
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